How Our Pods Are Used

We invite you to read more about how Podlife Pods are used, from a home to an Airbnb business, and everything in between!

Podlife – A Fantastic Alternative to Container Homes

Container homes are becoming more and more popular throughout New Zealand. Kiwis are finding all types of uses...
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Ideal Pods For Office Space

A flexible work environment is the buzzword across industries. Many organizations offer work from home options and flexible working...
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Coffee Pods: New Ways to Entertain or Retail!

Pod living is going places! Homeowners and professionals are using Pods in creative ways to add to...
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Live In While You Are Building

The popularity of Pods as convenient and budget friendly living or working spaces is on the rise!...
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She Sheds: The Perfect Getaway for Women

Women need their own pretty little space away from the madness and clutter! Called the “man cave”...
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Spring Decor Ideas

Spring is the time of year when people come out of hibernation and really start thinking about...
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Make the Most of Your Small Space

Furnishing, decorating and using a small space does not have to be a challenge. In fact, it...
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7 Trendiest Indoor Plants of 2017

Plants bring colour, organic shapes and natural textures to a space. They bridge theindoor and outdoor worlds...
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Create the Perfect Cosy Reading Room

A reading nook is an ideal place to tuck away, forget about business and stresses of theday...
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