How Our Pods Are Used

We invite you to read more about how Podlife Pods are used, from a home to an Airbnb business, and everything in between!

Big House Prices? Why Tiny Homes May Hold The Answer

In the first of our new series exploring exciting spaces and the everyday Kiwis who inhabit them,...
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Choosing Between Podlife Homes & Shipping Container Rooms

Podlife modular homes do more than cram your lifestyle in a small space. Our modular homes for sale are...
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Prefab Homes: The New Wave of Housing

It’s estimated that prefabricated homes can be produced within half the time frame of a traditionally built...
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Pod Homes vs Container Homes NZ

Container homes are becoming more popular in New Zealand as alternatives to traditional dwellings. There are many benefits...
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Home Offices: One Secret To Small Business Success

Being in business can be risky enough without worrying about leases, rent, and high overheads. With a...
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Sleep Out Pods

What could be more important than family? While they may be trying at times, there’s no beating...
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Portable Cabins: The Popularity & It’s Uses

A portable cabin or portable home is constructed and designed to be easily transported as a fully...
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Transportable Homes That Suit Your Needs

Podlife’s transportable Pod homes are designed to complement the unique lifestyles of New Zealanders. Transportable homes turning into...
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Transportable Homes NZ: Podlife’s Solution for All of New Zealand

Transportable homes in NZ are the next best thing when it comes to extra space. Podlife can...
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