September 25, 2017

Make the Most of Your Small Space

Furnishing, decorating and using a small space does not have to be a challenge. In fact, it is a great opportunity to show off your creativity and ingenuity.

Here are some tips for making the most of a small space:

Keep Things Minimal

A crowded space with excess furniture or decorative accents is confusing to look and can feel cramped and cluttered. This can be avoided by having a single focal point (such as a bed, a table or a piece of art) and keeping everything else in the room simple and minimalistic. The ‘less is more’ mentality not only refers to furnishing and decor but also to keeping the space tidy. Mess will sabotage all attempts to make the most of a small space. Consider the purpose of every item that is brought into the room – if it is not useful, do not keep it in there. Things that serve a purpose and need to be kept in the room but should be stored neatly and out of sight.


Multi-Purpose Furniture

When space is limited, try including furniture that not only looks great but has more than one practical use or can be made compact. For example, using a chest as a coffee table, an expandable dining table or a bed that has built-in drawers.


Use Storage as Decor

If you want to boost your space efficiency even more, a step further than multi-purpose furniture is also to include decor that doubles as storage. This means choosing decorative accents that are not only beautiful but useful too. Get creative with it; you could try using a pile of vintage suitcases or beautiful baskets as decor.



Mirrors have more uses than just checking yourself out in. They reflect the beauty of a room and brighten the space by reflecting both natural and artificial light. By bouncing light into the room, mirrors create an illusion that the room is larger and more spacious.


Light Walls

Dark walls will give a room a cosy and intimate feel – however, these colours absorb light which the room seem smaller. Painting walls white, or another light colour will reflect natural light and make the space feel a bit more open and airy