September 26, 2018

Podlife – A Fantastic Alternative to Container Homes


Container homes are becoming more and more popular throughout New Zealand. Kiwis are finding all types of uses for these handy, portable living spaces. Some examples of usage are studios, granny flats, self-contained off-the-grid tiny homes, contemporary style homes, demo stands, and offices. Arguably, Podlife Pods are a far better option than most container homes in New Zealand.

Container home with an outside deck NZ

Podlife excels at creating energy efficient, warm, waterproof, and the strongest Pod homes in New Zealand.

Why Choose Podlife Pods over Container Homes?

Customer Service: Podlife is your Pod homes expert that can assist with your project. We pride ourselves on quick response times and expert advice. We aim to be your trusted partner in designing and constructing affordable portable homes for your various dwelling needs.

Safety: With internal insulation and galvanised steel structure, they make living comfortable in extreme weather conditions.

Customisation: Podlife brings to you the convenience of a wide range of sizes, shapes, and design options for creating that extra living space. Our exceptional designs surpass the limits of standard container options and are a combination of eco-friendly and long-lasting materials, which makes Podlife the best option. Whether you need comfortable accommodation for a family of four to six people, or a cozy living space for two, Podlife is the go-to solution. Podlife units are available from 20ft sizes and are customisable to suit your lifestyle.

Custom built container home with disabled access in New Zealand


Explore the range of designs and sizes we have at Podlife or let us know your specific demands so we can custom-build your desired outcome.

Affordability: Not only are our Pod homes more long-lasting, reliable and strong than most container units, they are also very affordable. At Podlife, we offer a variety of solutions to suit your budget and housing needs.

Easily Transportable: Just transport the Pods wherever you need to with our convenient shipment options. Our range of Podlife homes can be delivered to you at the desired location without any hassle. We can also help with any additional elevation or foundation requirements that you might have.

How Can Podlife help me with Design, Foundations and Council Consent?

Podlife’s experienced designers and fabricators are with you throughout the process, starting from the initial design consultation all the way to the setup of your new unit. Podlife also handles the entire logistics from building to delivery while the expert team ensures that every step is monitored carefully.

If a building consent is necessary our design team can apply for and manage the building consent process with your local council on your behalf. please reach out and one of our friendly team will be able to help out.

Container home alternative with compliant foundations

Do you need help putting down the foundations for your new Pod? We can help with this also.

To find out more, simply click this link to contact one of our friendly team.