April 6, 2018

She Sheds: The Perfect Getaway for Women

Women need their own pretty little space away from the madness and clutter! Called the “man cave” for women, she sheds are the perfect answer to creating a perfect getaway for women in the backyard! While she sheds are a place to unwind for women, it can also double as a studio, craft room, meditation room, playroom and much more! According to news reports from the NBC, She sheds are the preferred way for women across the globe to create a unique oasis right in their backyards.


Why are she sheds so popular?

She sheds can be the ideal space for wide-ranging purposes whether for an artist, gardener or for any woman looking for some private cozy space to call her own. Because they can be customized to any extent and to suit any budget, she sheds offer the best combination of style, functionality, comfort and chic while being easy on the pocket.

Of course, it is also possible to create ultra-luxurious Pods for those who do not mind spending the extra buck to create a small haven. She sheds are available in wide-ranging sizes and shapes and for every use. The wide range of customization enables you to fit in any kind of décor you need. Whether it is a modern ambience or a vintage look, from a strictly functional utility shed to a spiritual look and feel, she sheds can be transformed into anything. For the enterprising women, these she sheds can be the place where new business ideas are born and further shaped. She sheds offer much more than private spaces for women. They add the missing aesthetic touch to the backyard.

When done right, these she sheds can create the perfect focal point in the landscape that blends into it rather than looking like an eyesore. Whether freezing cold climates or harsh sun rays, these she sheds can be designed to be all-weather friendly. At Podlife who specialize in all types of Pods and she sheds, the high-quality roof and floor insulation with high-density mineral wool and the double glazed windows and doors make them withstand any harsh climate. And because they are out in the backyard, there are no pressures of having to clean them out every day! For busy women, this comes as a blessing where they don’t’ have to worry about the tidy appearance of the space all the time! Create your perfect backyard with Podlife!

Podlife makes the dream of having a paradise in your backyard come true! With perfectly designed Pods suitable for work, play, relaxation, craft, gardening, entertaining and much more, there are endless possibilities of what you can do with this private space! Affordable options that come in convenient sizes of 10m2 or 15m2 include all convenient features for the idyllic she shed including pretty timber screens, LED lighting, wood laminate flooring and deck.

Perfect for the backyard and ideal for travel, she sheds from Podlife are a new way to live!