April 6, 2018

Live In While You Are Building

The popularity of Pods as convenient and budget friendly living or working spaces is on the rise! Multiple ways of using the Pods, the high degree of customization and endless design features make them irresistible, fun and user-friendly. Whether as a granny flat, working space, party area, gym, spa or as coffee Pods, these Pods find unlimited uses.

Live in Pods while you build!

One of the best features of these Pods is that they can be used as living spaces while you are constructing or renovating your existing homes. Building a new stand-alone home costs both time and money. The rising costs of materials and the difficulty in finding skilled tradespeople can cause more challenges in building a home. When you are building a new home, it can take anywhere between 44 to 47 weeks during which time it can be difficult to rent out another space.

Podlife’s range of customizable Pods

Easy and convenient solutions are in the form of Pods! Podlife brings a range of convenient and customizable Pods that can be used on site even as you renovate or build your new home. This means there is no need to spend additionally on renting another space until the home is constructed. Also, as you live on site, you can monitor and attend to all the aspects of construction easily! Podlife’s convenient Pods are easily transportable which means you can shift them around as you need.

They can be placed in the desired location once the construction is complete and connected to services easily. Pods save up on rental costs while becoming additional assets that you can leverage as you need! Depending on your needs, these Pods can be turned into Air B&B to optimize the return on investment or as coffee Pods to start up a small retail business! Additional living spaces can be created either as a granny flat or for children or the Pods can be utilized as studios or sleepouts. High-quality materials used in Pod construction such as galvanized steel and wood laminate flooring make them durable.

The great insulation used in doors, windows, and walls make these Pods very comfortable even in the harshest of climates. At times, building a home can take longer than estimated time frame of 44 to 47 weeks. Living on-site, in convenient and comfortable Pods, takes away the pressure of these delays as you do not have to keep paying additional rent. Once the construction or renovation is complete, just turn the Pod into an attractive little additional space!

The great d├ęcor and design options at Podlife mean they can transform into just about anything! Entertain, create a private space, transform the Pod into an art studio or shift it to a commercial space to start your own retail business!