April 6, 2018

Coffee Pods: New Ways to Entertain or Retail!

Pod living is going places! Homeowners and professionals are using Pods in creative ways to add to their home aesthetics while optimizing the space for a wide variety of functions. The ease of customization and budget friendliness of Pods are the reasons why they have been used in a host of creative ways. Pods have been used as a small home unit that adds to the existing living space, prefab office Pods that come with all the functionality and privacy needed, as guest rooms, a garden shed, hobby shed, for outdoor dining, art studio, and a camping getaway.

Other possibilities could be Pods used as massage rooms, spa, gym, music studio and much more. Podlife’s New Coffee Pods While there is no end to the possibilities of a Pod, the latest exciting entrant is the Coffee Pod by Podlife. These are side opening Pods that can be secured or locked down after work at the end of the day but can be easily opened up and transformed instantly into a user-friendly workspace. The Podlife’s Coffee Pods have the same high-quality materials that are used in all other Pods. These include the double glazed windows and doors, wood laminate flooring, Corrugated steel on the outside with flat interiors and galvanized steel that matches the cladding.

Entertain, retail or work!

These coffee Pods make for great pop-up coffee shops but there are no limits to what these can be used for. Being hygienic, they are perfect for many uses including as a food stall, pastry shop or as a small grocery. One of the most important requirements in any pop-up shop is the ease of maintenance. The highly durable stainless steel cladding and building material makes them virtually maintenance free with no hassles of staining or breaking even with rough use.

The wood laminate flooring and the great quality of insulation mean these coffee Pods can be used all around the year in any season or location. Podlife’s coffee Pods are great for entertaining at home as a small pop-up, fun cafes or coffee shops! But they are also smart business investment options! While they are budget friendly, they offer a high degree of customization with the option of adding bathrooms, kitchen, toilets and other features. They are also low on maintenance which means when you use it as a pop-up café or coffee shop, you can optimize your return on investment! Podlife’s coffee shops are aesthetically pleasing, with the ability to merge with the surroundings in any location!

The awning in the front makes for great added space that can be used in many ways to add to the décor or create more working space!