August 16, 2017

Create the Perfect Cosy Reading Room

A reading nook is an ideal place to tuck away, forget about business and stresses of the
day and get lost in a good book.
Here are a few things to consider when creating a reading nook in your Pod:


Reading nooks are a place for escapism. They are a place to bunker down and forget
about the outside world while getting lost in the worlds that exist between the pages of
books. A reading nook should be in place where there is a fair bit of privacy – away from
the¬†busy communal spaces in your home. Pod’s give you the perfect opportunity for relaxation & privacy in your own little space.

Comfortable Seating

If your reading nook feels uncomfortable, you will be less inclined to spend time there,
making reading seem like a chore or a hassle instead of a luxury and a retreat. Choose
seating that is comfortable and supports good posture – this will help to avoid aches and
pains further down the track.

Cushions and Blankets

Add cozy little touches to your reading space such as soft cushions and beanbags. This
will boost the relaxation factor of the space even more. Duvets and throw blankets are
great to snuggle under and they add warmth in the colder months.

Choose the Right Colours

Just like the words within a book can make you feel things, so too can colours. Choose
colours for the walls, furniture and decorations of your reading nook that reflect how you
want to feel in that space. If it is a place where you want to feel peaceful and relaxed,
consider adding shades of blue. If it is a place where you want to feel bright and
cheerful, consider adding soft lemony yellow. Try not to use too many colours, or hues
that are too bright – this could distract from what you are trying to read.

Make it Your Own

This space is your own, so make it reflect your style, personality and interests. You
could try adding a piece of art that features your favourite literary character or a quote
that you love. Use your imagination to make the space feel personal and true to you.
Make it somewhere where you want to spend time and can truly unwind.