August 31, 2017

7 Trendiest Indoor Plants of 2017

Plants bring colour, organic shapes and natural textures to a space. They bridge the
indoor and outdoor worlds and can be as expressive as a work of art.
Here are some indoor plants that are trending this year:


Succulents are a popular plant choice for interiors as they are low maintenance and
adjust well to indoor conditions. They come in many species, shapes and sizes and can
be selected according to personal preference. An on trend way to display succulents is
in a glass terrarium.

Hanging Plants

By hanging plants, they are lifted off the floor – saving floor space and making them a
more noticeable feature of your interior. Whether it is ivy hanging from a windowsill or a
creeping plant spilling out of a hanging basket, hanging plants will bring life and
vibrancy to your Pod.

Colourful Cacti

Adding cactus plants to a space is a great way to add interest and texture. Take things
a step further by adding colourful cactus plants such as the moon or ruby ball varieties.
These prickly little succulents look fantastic when clustered together in a large pot.

Tall Cacti

If you want a cactus plant to be a central feature in your Pod, opt for a taller plant as
opposed to the smaller windowsill plants. Although cactus plants do not require a lot of
water to stay healthy, they do require a great deal of sunlight. Place your feature plant in
a spot that has proper lighting conditions. A southwestern facing window is best.

Palm Leaf Plants

Palm leaf plants bring a tropical and summery feel to any space. They are a popular
choice for indoors. They do, however, require more maintenance than cactus and
succulent plants and need to be watered more frequently.

Eucalyptus Plants

This Australian native plant has just burst into the interior decorating scene. Not only
does it jazz up a space aesthetically, but the soothing aroma of this fragrant plants
helps to clean the air and clear your breathing.

Chinese Money Plants

Also known as the ‘pancake plant’, these quirky little guys are considered a symbol of
good luck and prosperity. Their distinct disk-shaped leaves make them an eye-catching
feature that sits nicely on top of desks, windowsills or kitchen counters.