How Our Pods Are Used

We invite you to read more about how Podlife Pods are used, from a home to an Airbnb business, and everything in between!

Financing A Tiny Home In NZ? Here’s What You Need To Know

Many first-home buyers look to tiny homes to get a foot on the property ladder, so today...
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Buying An Airbnb Investment Property? Try A Tiny House!

Tiny houses offer great Airbnb earnings potential, so today we’re looking at why it’s still a great...
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(Tiny) Home Away From Home: Why Sophie’s Airbnb Is A Podlife Success Story

Does embarking on an Airbnb enterprise work during a pandemic? Turns out it does! Today we’re learning...
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Looking For Land To Rent For A Tiny House or Cabin? Here’s Where!

With many Kiwis still struggling to find a place for their new space, today we’re sharing our...
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Working From Home? Create The Ideal Home Office In A Small Space

More Kiwis are working from home than ever before, so today we’re sharing some creative tips from...
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Big House Prices? Why Tiny Homes May Hold The Answer

In the first of our new series exploring exciting spaces and the everyday Kiwis who inhabit them,...
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Decorating for a Better Night’s Sleep

While we all strive to create a bedroom fit for the cover of your latest interior design...
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Using Colour in Small Spaces

Small spaces can be tricky to style, especially when it comes to colour. We’ve compiled a list...
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