December 5, 2018

Transportable Homes That Suit Your Needs

Transportable, modular homes have steadily grown more popular all around New Zealand due to their convenience, accessibility and affordability. Podlife’s transportable Pod homes are designed to complement the varied and unique lifestyles of New Zealanders.

Pod living area with black couch and guitar

With the busy lifestyles that many of us enjoy, balancing work with family, leisure, and other responsibilities, it could be said that one of the most attractive things about choosing Podlife’s transportable homes for your needs is the ease with which the finished product can be delivered straight to you.

This compared with the major commitment you must be willing to make to oversee a traditional house being built makes transportable homes a hugely valuable alternative, saving you both time and money.

What makes Podlife Transportable Homes different?

Transportable homes that are made by Podlife are customised to suit the specific needs of the individual. The size and layout of our transportable homes are tailored to fit the specific purposes of customers which can include stand-alone tiny homes, extensions added to current homes, offices, and retail spaces.

Once the perfect solution for your needs has been reached through the work of Podlife’s experienced designers and fabricators the transportable home can be delivered to wherever you need it using one of our transport options.

The Podlife team maintain a high standard of communication so they can keep you up to date on how your transportable home is going, and when you can expect it to be delivered. We strive to respond quickly with useful recommendations and updates on transportable homes.

The Podlife team are also equipped to lay temporary foundations if your transportable home requires them so that when it arrives at its destination it can be put in place with ease and at your convenience. Alternatively, we can provide you with a permanent engineered foundation plan for your builder if necessary.

The Transportable Home Made For You

Transportable homes are designed by Podlife to be extremely durable and weather-resistant with galvanised exteriors and long-lasting materials used in the production phase. 

To find out more about transportable home or how you can get started simply contact us here.