March 24, 2019

Sleep Out Pods

What could be more important than family? While they may be trying at times, there’s no beating that feeling of knowing the people you love are close by and take care of. Podlife Sleepouts can help you keep your family close, without feeling like they are constantly underfoot.

Ideal For Kiwi Families

Do you have a teenager in your house that needs some more space? Give them the opportunity to play their music and exercise a little responsibility without feeling like you’re letting them run wild. With a Sleepout Pod in your backyard, you’ll be able to keep an eye on them while giving them that all-important taste of independence.

Even as they get older, your parents can still be incredible support. Knowing someone is available to babysit, especially when the kids are younger and you need to take 5 minutes for yourself is a constant reassurance. Did you know new studies show that the more time elderly people spend with children, the younger they feel? Science proves that by keeping them around in a Sleepout Pod or granny flat, you’ll be doing them a favour too!

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Sleepout Features

With so many Sleepouts for sale, why choose a Podlife Sleepout? Our quality is second to none. With double glazing on all sleepout windows, plus underfloor, ceiling and wall insulation, your family will be able to stay over in maximum comfort all year round.

Plus, Podlife Sleepouts are built to be hard wearing and low maintenance, so they can be part of your family life for years to come. With LED lighting and optional extras like decking, timber screens and dividing walls, you can customise your sleepout to suit your kiwi backyard.

New Zealand’s Sleepout

Starting at just under $16,000 for a sleep out, it’s more affordable than a house extension and it comes without the hassle of turning your home into a construction site.

Whether it’s just for the holidays, or an option to keep family close for the whole year, Podlife sleepouts are ideal for bringing New Zealand together. For the peace of mind knowing your family is being looked after just at the bottom of the garden, contact us today on 0800 7635 433.