August 1, 2017

Make a Smaller Room Appear Larger

In a small space, everything counts. Your design choices will shape not only the look of
the space but the feel of it too. Different design techniques can be used to trick the eye
and make spaces feel more open than they really are.
A Podlife Pod is small enough to go anywhere but big enough to include all the things
that make a house a home. Here are some colour, lighting and furniture arrangement
techniques that can be used to maximise the space in your Pod and make it feel larger: 

Light Colours

Colours have different connotations that may make you feel things emotionally – but
they can also be used to trick you into feeling things physically. Strategic colour choices
and combinations can be used to create optical illusions that work in your favour. For
example, by painting the walls a light colour, you can make the space feel larger, more
open and airy. This is because light colours are more reflective and natural light
bounces off them. Dark colours, on the other hand, absorb light – making spaces feel
smaller, cosy and intimate. By painting the trim and mouldings of the walls in a slightly
lighter shade than the wall itself, you can give the illusion that the wall is further back –
making the space seem bigger.


Windows make rooms appear larger and more spacious. Try not to obstruct windows
with objects or use heavy drapery. When it is possible, have the curtains or blinds open
to let in natural light and connect the inside space with the outside world.

Keep It Minimal

Avoiding clutter will make your space feel larger. This does not only refer to mess but
also design clutter that comes from trying to incorporate too many elements into a small
space. Avoid design clutter by keeping the design of the space relatively simple with a
single focal point, such as a bed, a couch or a piece of art. Try to make the other
furnishings in the room guide the eye towards the focal point instead of distracting from
it. To make the space feel bigger, keep the walls relatively bare. This could be a single
wall covered in a funky wallpaper, a cluster of neatly arranged picture frames or a large
abstract painting.


By angling mirrors towards the focal point of the room, you create a visual illusion of
depth – making the space feel bigger. Mirrors reflect natural and artificial light, which
also helps to brighten the space. Placing a mirror near a window to reflect the outdoors
will make the space feel even more open.