June 8, 2017

5 Unique Uses for your Pod

 1. Playroom

Anyone with young children knows that with kids comes clutter. Having a dedicated play space allows you to surrender to the toys and let the kids play freely without constantly worrying about having clutter scattered around the house.

 playroom decor ideas


2.Music Room

Got a budding musician in the ranks? Keep the many instruments, music books and sound equipment all in one place by converting your Pod into a music room. By dressing the room with a large area rug and including upholstered furniture in the space you can create a comfy space for creativity while also keeping noise disruption to a minimum in the home.

 at home music room

3. Art Studio

Like musicians, artists often need their own space dedicated to creative expression. Create a beautiful studio space with plenty of natural light to allow your artwork to flourish. Keep walls and floors paired back with white or other neutral tones to keep the focus on your art.

 home art studio

4. Reading Room

Bit of a bookworm? Create your own home library by lining the walls of your Pod with your extensive book collection. Whether you choose to arrange your books alphabetically or by subject matter, always consider the visual appeal and ambience’ and of course make sure you select a comfortable chair to occupy while you delve into your latest read!

 reading room library home ideas

 5. Zen Zone

Create an oasis of calm and dedicate your Pod to relaxation. Whether you use the space for yoga, meditation or just as a place for some much needed me time, create a chilled vibe for yourself through your decor. Stick to neutral tones, light airy curtains and add some delicious scented candles to add ambiance and help your mind escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

zen relaxation zone at home