March 24, 2019

Portable Cabins: The Popularity & It’s Uses

A portable cabin or portable home is constructed and designed to be easily transported as a fully constructed building as opposed to lengthy and messy site works. Of late, portable cabins have become increasingly popular both commercial use and personal use. They are the perfect solution to the rising housing prices and demand for accommodation.

Designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions and constructed to meet the client’s needs, it allows for flexibility and comfortable living.

Different Uses of Portable Cabins

Temporary Office

In most cases when commercial buildings are being revamped or shifted, the use of temporary offices are the best solution. Traditional office construction is a time-consuming process and can take anywhere from months to years, so portable offices are an ideal option. They offer a place for meetings between architects, builders, managers and construction officers, as well as a unit for research and space to refer to plans. The beauty of portable cabins as offices is that it’s easy to remove once the site is complete.

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Portable Toilet & Shower Facilities

Portable cabins used as toilet and shower facilities offer a more permanent and spacious option. These facilities can be used in a number of different places such as temporary work sites, sporting events and growing music festivals. It offers a cleaner solution and can be upsold for a premium ticket price.

Security Cabins

When companies employ security guards at night to watch over the premises it’s important that they have their space to escape the cold or keep track of video surveillance. Portable cabins are a popular, customisable space for office surveillance, toilet facilities, and a small kitchen can be added for some relief on those long hard night of duties.

Storage Containers

Sometimes a company may run out of space to stock their products, particularly at certain times of the year such as Christmas or other holidays. A portable cabin can be turned into a temporary storage unit to hold stock and products and can be removed when it has served its purpose.

If you’re looking to install a portable cabin for commercial or for your home, be sure to reach out to the experts at Podlife. We have an extensive range of transportable cabins that are customizable to suit your needs.

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