June 23, 2017

Keeping Your Pod Feel Cozy This Winter

The long, hot summers days have faded away and the winter season has well and truly hit! Make the most of the season that is spent indoors by adding little touches to your Pod that transform it into warm and inviting space.

Here are some tips for making your Pod a cozy retreat from the outside chill:

Warm Hues

While a colour scheme may not physically heat up your Pod, they can be used to warm it up aesthetically. Trade in your fresh summer brights for warm winter hues such as reds, oranges and yellows. These hues look great when paired with comfortable neutrals.


Not only do rugs add new colours, patterns and textures to Pods, but they also provide comfort and warmth. If you want to get a bit creative, try pairing a base rug with an accent rug for an on-trend layered look.

rugs to keep your Pod warm


Lighting can be used to set a warm and intimate mood inside your Pod. Avoid fluorescent lighting and switch out cool-toned bulbs for warm ones for an instant boost in coziness. Get creative with lighting; consider adding tealights, candles, fairy lights or lamps to your Pod.

Pillows and Blankets

Pile pillows, cushions and blankets onto your furniture to make your Pod feel snug this winter – because what is winter without a pillow fort, right? Consider mixing textures, colours, patterns and sizes – but try to stick with a theme. Throw blankets are an easy way to make a piece of furniture look cozy in an instant.

pillows and blankets for warmth

Someone to Snuggle Down With

With textured rugs, intimate lighting, and pillows and blankets galore; the way to complete the ‘cozy factor’ of your Pod is to bring in someone to snuggle down with. Alternately, a good book and a glass of wine work perfectly well too!