April 6, 2018

Ideal Pods For Office Space

A flexible work environment is the buzzword across industries. Many organizations offer work from home options and flexible working hours in line with the flexible approach to work. Working from home enables employees to take care of their families and dependents and provides “quality flexible work.” A study by the New Zealand Families Commission found that most people arrange their work around their family responsibilities.

More than 77% surveyed said when they worked from home, they were able to not only take time off to attend important family events but could attend to other duties including picking up children or family members. One of the best ways to create a quiet and highly effective workspace at home is with Pods! Pod living is becoming an increasingly popular trend in New Zealand. Pods offer a fresh environment to work in. Podlife makes Pod living exciting and convenient with customized workspace designs to suit every design, décor and budget needs.

The Best Features of Work Pods

They add to the aesthetics! – Unlike container homes that may look out of place, Podlife’s work Pods are designed to enhance the aesthetics. They can be customized to blend in with the home décor and the landscaping to offer the required privacy while being great on design. Office Pods can be minimalistic in design or elaborate based on the nature of work and personal preferences.

Low on maintenance: Podlife’s workspace Pods are made from galvanized steel that is painted to match the colour-steel cladding on the walls and the roof. These combined with the wood laminate flooring make these workspaces easy to clean and maintain.

Good soundproofing: When you are working from home, the first thing you look for is great soundproofing. Double glazed windows and doors along with great quality insulation with high-density mineral wool provide great soundproofing while also making the office Pods cozy and comfortable in all kinds of weather.

Professional look and feel: One of the downsides of working from home can be the lack of a professional look that can sometimes hamper productivity or concentration. Podlife’s completely customizable office space Pods come with a range of features that bring on the professional look and feel. Design the Pod as you want to resemble your office space! The option to add bathroom and toilet and other custom options make these office Pods a great place to work.

More conveniences come in the shape of LED lighting and multiple internal power points that enable you to plug in any number of devices that you need to work productively!

Podlife offers end-to-end solutions for those looking for versatile, fresh and fully functional private home working space that is completely customizable!