July 17, 2019

Choosing Between Podlife Homes & Shipping Container Rooms

Shipping container rooms have become an architectural trend in the past decade. The growing popularity of living and working in these import and export containers has become known as ‘cargotecture‘. But what is it that really gets Kiwis wanting to live in a small space? Podlife modular homes do more than cram your lifestyle in a small space. Our modular homes for sale are created unique to your needs and way of life.¬†

Flexible in Design

Podlife modular homes are a blank canvas for big design possibilities in a small amount of space. With a bit of creativity and ingenuity, a 10 or 15 square meter space can be turned into a rumpus room, a pool room, a bach, a granny flat, extra storage, a sleepout or an office. Interior design choices can transform shipping container rooms into stunning spaces, but you can even think outside the box with design possibilities.

An example of this is by simply adding a deck add on to your Pod home to create a perfect area for barbecues and soaking up summer evenings.

Durable and Weatherproof

Made of prefabricated steel and welded together, Podlife modular homes are rigid, strong and sturdy. They have an almost infinite lifespan and are hard-wearing. Their ability to withstand natural elements makes them a safe and practical choice for housing in areas of high geological activity such as earthquakes or hurricanes. They are made to withstand the most severe weather conditions, protecting goods while transporting them overseas.

Podlife modular and tiny homes are constructed from galvanised steel then painted with a 3 coat system to match the colour steel cladding and have an almost infinite lifespan. The walls and roof are 5mm colour steel, corrugated on the exterior and flat on the interior creating modern, low maintenance and hard-wearing finish.

More Sustainable

The sustainability of a repurposed shipping container to Podlife modular homes can be further enhanced by using a renewable form of energy, for example, installing solar panels. Instead of opting for traditional fibreglass blanket insulation in the roof of your container, consider using a natural and more sustainable alternative. Cotton insulation or a GreenFiber Cocoon (made from the recycled newspaper will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Economic to Buy Podlife Modular Homes

Podlife sells beautifully refurbished shipping container Pods starting at only $14,995. Big living in a small package has never been more accessible or affordable. Contact Podlife today for more details.